Norm Burgess - Georgetown

Sharpening/Tool Control – Bowls – Boxes

Bill Meador - Lorena

Sharpening/Tool Control – Wood holding – Bowls – Hollowing – Texturing

Brazos Valley Woodturners Mentor Program

The BVW Mentor Program is designed to provide turning lessons and assistance to new woodturners in our chapter. These members volunteer their time and resources to assist the beginning turner develop their skills at the lathe. Through sharing their skills and expertise, the Mentors seek to promote the time honored tradition of sharing in the woodturning community.

“If you are new to woodturning, or looking to garner a new technique/skill, the table below is a list of our chapter Mentors. Just complete the information on the BVW website Contact Page and include in the message what assistance you are looking for, and the program coordinator will help get you started:”
Mentor coordinator – Bob Johnson

Kenneth Mays - Lorena

Sharpening/Tool Control – Work holding – Spindles – Bowls – Boxes – Hollowing

Bob Johnson - Waco

Bowls – Boxes – Wood holding

Dena Fox - Hewitt

Spindles – Embellishments

Judy Williams - Georgtown


Larry Walrath - Centerville

Sharpening/Tool Control – Work holding – Spindles – Bowls – Boxes – Hollowing

Phil Hering - Waco

Boxes – Hollowing